How to Apply

1. Prep your nails by filing, pushing back cuticles, and cleaning with alcohol.
2. Select appropriate sized nail wrap.
3. Remove the protective clear film, then carefully remove the nail strip from the backing.
4. Center the nail strip at the base of your nail (be sure not to apply over cuticle) and apply pressure to smooth the sides.
5. File excess strip by gently filing in a downward motion in one direction.

OPTIONAL: Apply your favorite topcoat to extend wear (personally, I prefer doing this)!

How do I remove these?

Use your favorite nail polish remover. We suggest non-acetone based nail removers to avoid drying out your nails/hands. 

Are wraps safe to use?

Yes. We only purchase from suppliers who have proven and recorded safety testing and statistics. They have, in most cases, exceeded industry safety standards. They do NOT contain harmful chemicals found in traditional nail polishes, which means they are free from: Formaldehyde, Nickel, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Toluene, DBP, Parabens, Cadmium, Phosphate, Ethyl, Tosylamide, Acetone, and Triphenyl. 

How long does it last?

On average, Bargain sets last 2-5 days. Classic sets last 5-10 days. Others last about 7-10 days or even up to 14 days. It is highly dependent on nail chemistry, application, how tough you are on your nails, use and brand of basecoat/topcoat, etc.

[I've personally had Bargain sets last a week and Classic up to two (2) weeks. Many times I'm so excited to try another design that I take them off sooner!]

How should I store leftover wraps?

Reseal package using a flat iron or sealer. 

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